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We are a non- profit charity (RCN: 20203936) located in Renvyle, Co.Galway. Our primary concern is the welfare of cats and dogs in our locality.

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Dogs as Victims Again

Dogs must wonder about the sanity of the human race. They see the two-leggeds all being threatened by Covid, in fear for their lives. They are asked to remain at home, stay inside, don’t mingle. This soon starts to irritate, to cause frustration so they decide that a dog is the answer. Dogs become the In Must Have thing. Prices soar, and some breeds are being bought for crazy prices. But the feedback is encouraging. It seems that humanity has finally reached an amicable accord with the canine population.
But alas this does not last. Once Covid starts to cease as a threat and some form of normality is restored, dogs find themselves once again the unwanted minority. They are abandoned. Rescues are full, but they are the lucky ones. Others not so lucky are left by the roadside, tied to poles, abandoned in forests pts and so on…
Now the number of unwanted dogs is being swelled by a greater threat. It seems people looking for homes, even homes that they are going to finally own, are being told they may not have their pets with them… It’s well documented by now the benefit so many dogs bring to the lives of people but it is clear that our relationship with the dog is based very much on an attitude that a dog is a disposable commodity.
In our rescue at present, the greater number of dogs looking for homes has come from people who are forced to give them up because of an accommodation problem.
Please, please if you are one of those dog-friendly people looking for a companion look at the dogs we have. Indeed look at all the rescue centres to see if you can find a companion suitable to you. The number of dogs looking for a home at the moment is extremely worrying, so please put the unwanted dog at the top of your list if you have decided you’d like to share your life with a dog. It will be much richer for such a decision.

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Phone: +353 (0)87 961 6586

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Phone: +353 (0)87 646 4389

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